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Hear Women Centres Empower Women

Hear Women Centres, in concert with international partners, provide services to women and girls of all ages, focusing on Health & Well-being, Gender Based Violence and Earning a Livelihood. Underlying all is the goal to advance women’s full and effective participation at all levels of political, economic and public life.

Hear Women Centres offer women a place of safety to learn and to speak, to gain support and guidance, and to connect and share with one another. 

Centre Activities Include:
  • Workshops to help women learn their rights
  • Training on avoiding gender based violence – including Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Specialised training is provided for professionals as well as families and students, with referrals being given to those at risk.
  • Training on how to speak out –  on issues of importance to women themselves and to their families.
Additional Services Offered
  • Coffee mornings – these enable women from the East and North African communities to connect with one another.
  • Exercise classes
  • Learning opportunities – including courses in healthy cookery, English and IT.
  • Financial Workshops – debt advice and money management to help women with financial planning.
  • Job Referrals  – we are also able to help with job referrals and CV preparation.
  • Family Excursions

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