Somali Change Makers – Towards 2021 Elections

The Political Academy Programme

In December of 2019, Hear Women, together with the Turkish Women and Democracy Association (KADEM), provided training for fifteen Somali women legislators in an effort to help prepare them for the upcoming 2021 elections in Somalia.  This is the second such training, the first having been conducted in April 2019, wherein 24 Somali parliamentarians followed alongside the campaign trail of Turkish women candidates in that country’s elections.  The programme was intended to help the Somali women politicians/candidates build their campaigns and improve their competitiveness for the 2021 elections through gaining an understanding of Turkey’s election process. The training consisted of seven modules and helped the participants to better understand the political situation, structure, and political processes. Furthermore, it helped the participants gain confidence in their leadership skills and learn how to overcome obstacles and fully develop their outreach and peacebuilding skills.

Shown below are photos of Somali legislator participants, as well as Training Academy speakers.